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Hike One, is a leading digital design agency. A playful and talented team consisting of over 60 design specialists operating from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Eindhoven. Constantly figuring out how to do things better. And faster, cooler, and easier.

I started with an internship and when I finished it, I could stay to work as an interaction designer on innovative products for all kinds of clients and all types of screens. Using a variety of methods to help the client, but most importantly, to help the users.

  • Sr. Interaction Designer
  • Amsterdam
  • 2011 - ...

Let's build IT is a full service web company that helps to design print and website's and also build it. It's a small team of 16 happy designers and developers based Hoorn with clients in all kinds of sectors and they have a specialism in financial websites.

In 2006 I started with an internship and after a few months I started as a webdesigner, making designs for clients. I liked designing the Let's Build IT client area the most. Making it easier for clients to edit their website and let users fill in forms the fastest way.

Clients I worked for

I did a design sprint at the ANWB to get with some idea's to make the search experience better for the user.

Made the interaction design for a system used by professional sellers on Ebay platforms like Marktplaats and

My first job at Hike One was to create an new game for Greenpeace. The game should inform users, but also be playable and getting donations.

For the KPN project we made designs for one of the first versions of the mobile app. Biggest question then: How do you visually show bundles.

One of the more recent project is the entire digital world of the NPO. I made designs for the current apps and websites.

I did a lot and a lot of testing for the website of Philips, made of all smaller components.

For the Rabobank I made designs for mostly internal tools like an intranet and internal mobile websites.

Worked with a big team on the interface of the new Horizon box (release 2019). A tv box for every user of Ziggo for TV on Demand.


Intelligence Studies

The minor in intelligence studies discusses the structure, working method and (qualitative and quantitative) research methods of intelligence and security services as they originated in the second half of the twentieth century. There is also attention for cryptography, for services that played an important role on the international stage during the Cold War, such as the KGB and the CIA, and for more recent phenomena such as Cyber Intelligence.

  • University of Amsterdam
  • 2011 - 2012

Communication and Media Design

The study Communication and Media Design (CMD) covers strategy, design and technology. During this study I learned to think and act like a designer. In addition to learning ‘design’, I also learned ‘creation’, ‘research’, ‘project management’ and ‘consultancy’.

  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • 2008 - 2014

Media Design

I learned to apply design to various media expressions. Think of posters, (digital) magazines, billboards, websites and apps. I also learned how the media world works, what the role of the designer is and how media are made.

  • Media College Amsterdam
  • 2004 - 2008

Professional skillset

Dutch language (native)

English language

Microsoft Office


Sketch (app)


General IT stuff



Organisation skills

Keynote (app)

Video editing


Table foosball

In the media

Sebastian Conijn hacking Dropbox

I Used Phishing To Get My Colleagues’ Passwords. This Is What I Did.

Feb 3, 2017 - Sebastian Conijn

Did you know that 1 out of 3 people opens a phishing email, and if it’s a ‘personal’ phishing mail, the numbers are even higher? The American Democrats, Sony, and users of Gmail have all been victims of phishing. It’s a problem that’s getting bigger, and the success stories of hackers are growing every day. As designer at Hike One, I felt the urge to check if my colleagues were aware of the risks of phishing, by trying to collect their passwords.

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Dropbox interview with Sebastian Conijn

Creating a consistent workflow in the design industry

August, 29 2017 - Dropbox

“Now we use Dropbox Business to store everything, from fonts to colour palettes to images. This means all the content is in one, central hub, it’s up to date and accessing projects is easy. And it’s even easier to share with our clients.” - Sebastian Conijn, an interaction designer, UNITiD

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What keeps me busy

Sebastian Conijn swimming


Try to swim about 2km a week

Sebastian Conijn with a smart button

Smart Home

Making my home think for itself

Sebastian Conijn mountainbiking near Las Vegas


The county not the politics

Sebastian Conijn as Iron Man

Marvel Movies

Avengers Endgame

Sebastian Conijn visiting Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Modern Art

Love the art made by Studio Drift

Sebastian Conijn ordering a pizza at Sotto Amsterdam


Searching for the best pizza in Amsterdam

Sebastian Conijn wears a Google Glass



Sebastian Conijn visiting Museumplein in Amsterdam


The only things I don't like is the smell of weed in the streets

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